The Closer Season 1-7 DVD Box Set

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In this warm June, the beautiful Brenda will be on TNT back among us. Sedgwick first appeared on the screen with “The Closer Season 1-7 DVD Box Set" and the film won the nomination for Golden Globe Award and Association Award. Its high ratings make this beautiful blonde lady go into everyone’s heart. Brenda is very clever and intelligent when she faces with the cases, but is not perfect when she is standing the height of beauty director. Her room is a mess. She lacks of sense of direction and eats a small dessert after the suspect has poured out his secret. Why The Closer would have so high ratings? The outstanding producer James Duff explained: "Kyra Sedgwick Brenda plays the character live, so she became one among us."

The Closer Season 1-7 DVD Box Set is an American television series. It tells a blonde lady, Brenda Leigh Johnson, deputy police chief, transferred from Atlanta to Los Angeles, in the sector- LAPD. She mainly deals with some striking, but sensitive and high media attention murder cases. The story is that a beautiful woman leads a group of experienced guys to solve the cases, and her men are of course very not convinced. Regardless of other people’s arguments, Johnson uses her extraordinary ability step by step to induce inadvertently suspects confessed the truth gradually during interrogation.  So that everyone, even her opponents are sincerely convinced. Because only Johnson can make these difficult cases come to light. In this field of men, she stands a peak makes all men convinced. The Closer DVD Box Set is a very proud thing to make these big men stand in front of her for her to speak in the critical moment. Brenda’s talent is appreciated only when she goes into the interrogation room. No matter how impregnable your mouth, as long as you have a secret, the beautiful lady, Brenda will make you give it mouth